On Cooking Resolutions and the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse



The past week and a half has been a major departure for me, “a ridiculous attempt to outwit our human limits.” (Quote from, uh, me, in the Amelia Earhart play I co-wrote and am preparing for a children’s theater festival in February!)

I’m following, to a certain degree, the Bon Appetit “Food Lover’s Cleanse”. I’m not sure if I’d totally call this a “cleanse”–that word for me conjures images of green juice, hungry bedtimes, and a plethora of quinoa. What this experience has been is a challenge–a personal challenge to cook three meals a day, do the dishes after each one, and constantly rearrange tupperware in our tiny fridge to maximize shelf space. Also a challenge to eat whole, real foods–lots of veggies and lean proteins and seeds and chia (which is delicious in coconut milk). It’s also been a way to develop good habits: making something for dinner and using the leftovers in tomorrow’s lunch salad, or buying a jar of kimchi and then using it in three different ways. Hopefully I can take these habits into the upcoming year. You will soon cease to exist, half full jars of harissa and tamarind paste and rose jam that we’ve accumulated. Life is too short; the fridge is just too dang small.


Daniel has also, on his accord, joined me in this endeavor, so at least we have each other to lean on. We’ve taken certain liberties to make things pescatarian-friendly and also not induce a tree-nut-related allergy episode. (And we also had challah and cheese and chips at a pot luck last night and then said blast it, let’s just get nachos…) SO, we’ve strayed a bit, but now we’re back, baby! My favorite breakfast this morning (steel cut oatmeals with dried figs and cocoa nibs) and I’m looking forward to tonight’s swordfish and fennel.


These are a photographical highlighted summary. All recipes available at on the Bon Appetit website.  I highly recommend that oatmeal, the brussel sprout and tofu stir fry, and that unassuming “bistro salad”. I’m glad to have discovered gojuchang.  And um, I Love smoked paprika. #smokedpaprika4lyfe

wpid618-BAFoodCleanse-7.jpg     IMG_0805



wpid636-BAFoodCleanse-16.jpg wpid634-BAFoodCleanse-15.jpg


IMG_0845  IMG_0859


2 thoughts on “On Cooking Resolutions and the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse

  1. Couldn’t agree more about that Bistro Salad. It seemed so simple, yet it tasted so good! I can’t wait to make the Brussels & tofu stir-fry again. I loved that one! I definitely felt like this was more of “cook every single night” challenge for me too but it also got me to try some things I wouldn’t normally buy and I feel pretty empowered knowing I can roast an entire chicken without burning the house down 🙂

    • So true, Lauren! I liked cooking with new ingredients like gochujang and even silken tofu! I always go for the extra-firm variety. That bistro salad is definitely going to make an appearance again sometime soon… Thanks for your thoughts~

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